Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wed 9th July, '08

Hey guys, well i've spent 13 hours at the house today, from 8.30 am to 9.30pm when i locked the door behind us. I can't remember when i've been this tired!!!

Anyway, the Spotted Gum timber floor is half done. The colour looks different under different lights. The downlights and the camera flash have changed the colour in some of these pics....But i'm definitely in LOVE with the Spotted Gum. Just like my Nova Aurora benchtops, i'm so glad i selected them. Anyway, more blinds installed today, more boxes unpacked and some rooms are beginning to take shape...with my little touches!

Two of Henley's Maintenance guys turned up today and rectified the minor issues....Great effort guys! Just the garage door and insulation now to rectify and we're done! Hopefully that will be done soon.

Some more piccies before i go to bed....have an early start tomorrow, 7.30am when the tradies turn up to install the appliances. Telstra comes tomorrow too which will be good, then i can apply for internet!!!

Our ensuite:


And how do i keep our 4yo quiet for that long???
It was difficult, but:

LOL, you use whatever works!!!!!!!!!

I'll try to update you all tomorrow, but i will be at the house for about 14+hours, so might not have the energy to type....bad enough driving home when you're THAT tired..... zzzzzzzzz (*yawn*)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update from 8th July '08

Hey everyone!

Yes we settled on the house today!

We met Luke, our Handover Supervisor at 9am at the house and the normal 20 min. inspection actually went for a lot longer. We ended up at the Sales Office in Narre Warren to do the obligatory handover of the bank cheque. It all went well actually and we returned to the house at about 10.30.

There are a few things to rectify, which are being dealt with at the moment, and i have the maintenance guy turning up tomorrow at 8.30 to do most of those. The major ones are the garage door panel with handle that requires replacement and is presently on order and the other issue is the ceiling insulation has not been installed properly, meaning, it does not extend to the outer section of the roof eaves. Kevin picked this up and it needs to be rectified. Kevin will return to confirm it and the other things have been done correctly.

As mentioned, Ian returned to work shortly after handover and i made a couple of trips back and forth to the house with the car full of clothes and things that i have been accumulating (some via ebay!) over the past 12

What did i achieve today??? Well i brought the laptop and cranked up the music LOUD and worked away like mad!!! I cleaned the benches and shelves, swept and vacumed the concrete floor, stocked the pantry with some basic groceries, hung the clothes in the respective robes and unpacked boxes and put the stuff away in their new "homes". Ian brought more stuff for the house when he arrived after work. He installed 2 of the chocolate window blinds and the balance is scheduled as his job after work tomorrow....

Here are some pics:

Luke, Ian and Matt at the inspection:

Our Laundry:

The kitchen:

Our WIR (a work in progress there):

More chocolate blinds going up (this time in the theatre):

Tomorrow, i'll be meeting the timber floor installer and the Henley maintenance contractors at 8.30 on-site, so another busy day planned. I'll keep unpacking more boxes and seal the grout if i can.

We've only just got home and I'm really, really, tired, so am about to hit the sack.... the hard work more sleep-in's for me i think!!!